I’m Ben Holcomb and I grew up in Lansing, MI. At age 26, I moved to Norman, Oklahoma where I currently reside. I’ve worked in the IT industry for nearly 2 decades and enjoy weather and traveling.


Travel is one of my favorite activities. I have visited all 50 states as well as 19 countries on 3 continents. National Parks are often my destination of choice, having visited dozens of parks.

Storm Chasing

I have a passion for chasing weather, specifically severe weather and tornadoes. At a young age I found myself fascinated with weather. Eventually I obtained my amateur radio license in 2005 and became involved with Skywarn. A couple of years later on October 18, 2007 I would go on what I consider my first storm chase. Since then I have witnessed approximately 200 tornadoes and traveled well over 100,000 miles and appeared on most national news outlets at one time or another.


I also like going to rock concerts, and seeing live music in general. I have seen over 150 bands live. My favorite and most notable concert is the final show of Black Sabbath in Birmingham, England.

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Roller Coasters

I’ve always been an adrenaline junkie, and love riding roller coasters. I have ridden over 150 different roller coasters. My favorite is Skyrush at Hersheypark.

Ben Holcomb meeting former US Congressman and Presidential candidate
Dr. Ron Paul in 2021