A massive geomagnetic storm hit the earth on May 10, 2024 and caused the most amazing aurora borealis I’ve ever witnessed. I was driving northbound throughout the day and booked a room in Yankton. As the sun went down I was between Columbus and Norfolk Nebraska. I found some dark areas on a desolate road near Kalamazoo, Nebraska to take photos.

Geomagnetic Storm

I saved off some of the oval forecasts for the evening from the Space Weather Prediction Center. Never have seen an oval like that.

Just after sunset in Nebraska

Then I continued north towards Yankton where I watched the auroras dance over the Missouri River.

30 minutes of auroras time lapsed into a minute and 30 seconds

Auroras Overhead

One of the more intense periods of auroras had some incredible motion overhead. I took a short video at 1/8 second exposure (8fps) below. This is Double speed (2x) video.

NOAA Satellites captured a picture of the aurora borealis over the northern United States on May 10th. As you can see, some of the brightest was right overhead at the Nebraska/South Dakota border.

Into South Dakota

Since my hotel room was booked in Yankton, I headed up to the Nebraska/South Dakota border. I captured some images of the South Dakota and Nebraska state signs with aurora borealis.