A one day NASA Social at the Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans and then a short bus ride over to Stennis Space Center in Mississippi to see a rocket engine test. A very fun and informative NASA Social on the future of space travel, the Space Launch System and our journey to Mars.

Rocket Engine Test at Stennis Space Center

The RS25 test at the Stennis Space Center in Mississippi was in the afternoon. It was extremely hot and humid, but the test was successful. We were rained on by the exhaust, which caused a little shower. Before the test, we were given a presentation by AerojetRocketdyne on high speed HDR photography that one of their employees had been working on. Amazing technology to look forward to. We also took a tour of their RS-25 supply room.

RS25 Rocket Engine test at Stennis Space Center in August 2016

This was my third NASA Social. I previously saw the EFT-1 and STS-135 missions launch.

NASA Social Video

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